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Rehabilitation Allied Healthcare Career Certifications

Are you ready to get certified in your career of education and build on your professional experience? Then Rehabilitation Healthcareer Association is the right certification exam  for you. We specialize in rehabilitation educational programs






CERTIFICATION                                                                   CREDENTIALS

Certified Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant



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Certified Physical Therapy Aide



Certified Strength and Conditioning Rehab Specialist


Certified Restorative Aide




Certified Clinical Massage Therapist





Certification assures employers and the public that you are recognized as a qualified healthcare professional. Certification is a means of measuring and documenting knowledge that is required today. Many healthcare employers are looking for cross-trained people to meet their employment needs.


The RHA’s certification programs are designed to offer professionals the means to demonstrate critical knowledge and skills that promote the provision of quality services and ethical practice. RHA certified professionals possess a level of quality and care that is unmatched in the field. The RHA’s commitment to quality builds confidence and trust in both employers and individuals seeking and receiving vision rehabilitation and education services.


Certification Standards

Each of the certification specialties are developed, administered, and analyzed using industry standards and state-of-the-art methodologies.  


Development of Exams

The examinations are developed by a committee of subject-matter experts. In addition to generating and updating specifications on which the examinations are based, the committees write test questions and review questions submitted from instructors, experts, practitioners, and other individuals within their respective field. The committees also determine certification requirements and address standard-setting issues related to the specific credential. As the tests provide only one source of information regarding examinee competence, they are used in conjunction with other indicators of training and experience in the granting of certification.


Secure Delivery of Exams

As a fundamental aspect of psychometric integrity, RHA's preeminent focus continues to be directed at examination security. Numerous policies, procedures, and systems are in place to address this important aspect of examination delivery.  Recognizing that the validity of the testing is thoroughly dependent upon sound development and administrative foundations, RHA consistently devotes considerable resources to ensure both security and procedural standardization. All examination administrations are conducted in a proctored environment, typically at a school .