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Why Hire RHA Certificants

As an employer, you want to hire qualified personnel to ensure that your patients get the best care possible.  RHA shares in this goal - we promote and maintain a high standard of excellence for Rehabilitative health professionals and support their role as part of the patient care team.


  • Respected in the Industry: RHA is  nationally and internationally recognized certification agency—the RHA credential is well respected in the industry and is transportable throughout the US.


  • Careful Review of Credentials: RHA carefully reviews applicants' credentials to ensure that they are appropriately trained in an recognized institution and/or have the requisite experience necessary to sit for an RHA exam


  • Exam Security: RHA has numerous policies, procedures, and systems in place to ensure both exam security and procedural standardization.  All examinations are conducted under strict direction of proctors.


  • Education: RHA strongly advocates learning as part of a member's personal and professional growth, and in fact requires its newer members to acquire a specific number of continuing education credits in order to maintain certification - this is assurance to the employer that the RHA certificant is keeping up with technical skills