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About Us:

An independent organisation, dedicated to improving the quality of Rehabilitation health care professionals through continual review of performance, assessment and certification.

The RHA is the principal independent authority on the measurement and implementation of quality improvement systems for Rehabilitation health care professionals.

Standards for evaluation, assessment and certification are determined by a committee drawn from peak bodies in Rehabilitation healthcare profession.Our organisation is supported by a corporate management structure which oversees the process of evaluation and assessment by qualified professionals.

Our mission

To improve the Quality and Safety of Rehabilitation health care .

Our vision

To be recognised nationally and internationally as the leading organisation that independently assesses and certifies the performance of Rehabilitation Health workers in order to promote and improve quality and safety of Rehabilitation health care.

Our values:

  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Consumer focus
  • Cultural responsiveness


What certification means

For consumers, certification is basically an issue of trust. People who use Rehabilitation health services want to have confidence in that those services are safe and consistent in high quality. People understand that there are risks associated with using the health system, but they want those risks minimized.  Certification is the process which validates, based upon predetermined standards, an individual’s qualifications and level of knowledge to practice in Rehabilitation health support. Becoming certified may offer opportunities to gain recognition from colleagues and patients, job opportunities, or even increased privileges or promotion. 


Certifications and Scope of Practice: